If you've seen any of our shows you'll notice we use the phrase "Keep'n it Real". Our goal right from the beginning was to deliver a live fervent show that would allow the audience to see, hear and feel the music. To accomplish this we cherry-picked noteworthy songs to convert into a stripped down acoustic format. Then we had to make sure the bare-bone renditions would maintain the root integrity of the songs or possibly take on a new life of it's own when performed live. We also wanted to offer you popular hit songs not usually heard in the contemporary music mainstream. The idea behind it was to keep those great tunes alive and offer something different to the public forum. But we desired to do something more, so we agreed to tackle the difficult task of keeping our music as authentic as possible. We sought to give you a unique quality sound in concert with a disciplined level of musicianship. Our goal has always been to perform our music unvarnished and pure so the audience could embrace the true beauty in simplicity. We knew it could be a risk performing live music in such a stripped down format because there's nothing to hide behind and every note's inherent truth would be meticulously exposed.

Our mission statement has always been to deliver an authentic Redemption Road experience to the audience in a manner that reflects the true core values we believe in. That's why we use the slogan...“Keep'n it Real”

It's a pledge we intend to keep...Because you deserve nothing less!

~Poppa & Jeremiah

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